SWSG — Static WebSite Generator


SWSG is a tool to create static websites using (X)HTML templates and human-readable markup languages for the content. It was highly-inspired by SR. The advantage of SWSG against directly coding (X)HTML files is that you have one (or more) templates and do not have to rewrite your main layout on every single site. You can concentrate on the main content: the text. The content is seperated from the templates.

By the way, the license of SWSG is WTFPL , so you don't really have to care about this boring and annoying topic ;-)


  • supports the following markup languages: Markdown, Creole, Textile, ReST
  • supports the template engines Jinja2, Mako, Genshi and also a very simple template language for those users who do not need control structures like loops or if-conditions
  • supports clevercss beside the usual CSS as a markup language for the stylesheets